About ADPR Consult

ADPR Consult Sdn Bhd - Experts in the Aviation & Defence IndustryADPR Consult is a Kuala Lumpur-based firm that was founded by the late Major Sachi Thananthan in 1992 with the aim of serving the aviation and defence industry. We used to publish the world-reknowned Asian Airlines & Airports (AA&A) and Asian Defence & Diplomacy (AD&D) monthly magazines but sold these two titles to Global Business Press Pte Ltd (Singapore) in late 2008.

Asian Airlines & Airports (AA&A) and Asian Defence & Diplomacy (AD&D) are widely distributed around the world, but the readership is primarily Asian. Asian Airlines & Airports (AA&A) focuses on the evolving airlines industry techniques, news with next generation technologies while Asian Defence & Diplomacy (AD&D) takes an in-depth look at militaries in the region and world defence news. Global Business Press Pte Ltd also publish the ShowDaily, which is a daily trade publication for several international events delivering daily news and happenings and featuring interviews with top government and industry officials in the aviation and defence industry.

ADPR Consult has now restructred its business model and serves 3 groups in a very unique way indeed. The first is Global Business Press Pte Ltd. They outsource their print layout, website maintenance and magazine distribution to us as we still have a very strong understanding of the aviation and defence industry and have been in the business for over 17 years!

Next is the Malaysian Defence Industry. We published their first and second Malaysian Defence Industry Directory and continue to publish for the past 10 years the Malaysian Defence Industry Council Bulletin or MDIC Bulletin on a biannual basis.

Last but not least, we publish Specialised Reports for groups or individuals who request for specific information or intel on the aviation and defence industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality service and nothing less. We remain highly professional and impartial in our approach.

Our Policy


ADPR Consult is committed to seeking ongoing improvement and at all times endeavours to respond directly to market demands, and also ensures that customer satisfaction is measured.

We continue to invest in our people through training and development, to meet the high standards expected of us as well as expectations and changing requirements of our customers.